Choosing the Best Sad Light

Image result for sad lightIf you live in the northern latitudes, you may suffer with the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Affecting between 4% to 6% of the population, it’s a recurrent form of depression that appears during the reduced light levels of fall and winter and goes away during the spring and summer. When the photoreceptors in our eyes sense the reduced levels of light, it affects the circadian rhythm. A 24-hour cycle, the circadian rhythm is driven by biochemicals in the body. Although it affect other biochemicals too, the two primary chemicals it affects are serotonin and melatonin. While the levels of serotonin decrease, the production of melatonin becomes skewed. Since serotonin promotes well-being, and melatonin induces sleepiness, it can cause depression, weight gain, sleep problems, and more. Do you want to learn more? Visit sad light.

If you’re struggling with SAD, one of the best treatments for it is light therapy. Research has found out that it is just as effective as antidepressants without all of the undesirable side-effects. Similar to sunlight, initially white light or full spectrum light was used. Like sunlight, full spectrum light contains all the visible wavelengths. However, eventually researchers began experimenting with different colors or wavelengths of light. Although some research studies have found both blue and green light are effective in suppressing melatonin, the results are inconclusive.

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Even though light therapy is very effective, and the benefits can be felt in a short amount of time, the main problem has been compliance in using it on a consistent basis. Since it’s recommended that most users sit nearby the light for thirty minutes or more, some users don’t have time to use it between getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school. Fortunately, now SAD light visors make compliance easier for busy people on the go.

If you’d like to try light therapy but don’t want to be tied down, a SAD light visor is the perfect solution. Unlike a SAD light, the visor is conveniently worn on a lightweight headband so you can get the benefits of light therapy while doing what you want to do. When evaluating the efficacy of a light visor, the most important features are the type of light, the lux rating, how long it take to recharge the batteries, the type of batteries, and comfort. Currently, the two most popular brands are the Biobrite Deluxe Light Visor 88110 and Northern Technology’s Feel Bright Light Visor. Although the visors are very similar, there are differences.

Knowledge is the key in choosing the best SAD light visor. At Best SAD Lights [], we care about you. A one-stop website, you can learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder, read light therapy product reviews, and buy SAD lights. SAD lights have helped countless customers alleviate the symptoms of SAD. Shine a light on depression and get happy again.