General Information on Private Landlord Insurance

If you are a landlord, it is necessary to have a landlord insurance to protect your property. It is the best way to safeguard your property at times of crisis or against any damages. You could recover the losses due to theft, fire, or flood quickly with an insurance. There are certain things that every owner should know before opting for the landlord insurance. It covers your property against any damages including permanent damages. The insurance cost is calculated on the basis of several factors. Normally, the cost involved in re-building the property is taken into consideration.Get the facts at private landlord insurance website

To get a good deal, you can choose from a variety of insurance providers by comparing their quotes online. There are various types of covers available with them. You can choose a cheap cover that will provide maximum protection to your land or building and help to recover from any loss or damage. The insurance usually covers the following situations:

-Damage or loss due to fire, smoke, aircraft or malicious people.
-Damage caused due to accident to fixtures and fittings of the house.
-Other accidental damages caused by collision, explosion, lightning, riots, storm, subsidence, flood and the like.

Additional Coverage For Property Owners
Apart from the above situations, landlord insurance provides extra coverage like:

Landlord Liability – If your tenants suffer any injury while staying in your property you are liable to pay them if they go for a claim. In such cases, landlord liability insurance will cover you against all the claims made by your tenants.

Employers Liability – This cover is required if you have employees working in your property. If your employees are hurt or fall sick when at work and face some financial loss, you are liable to pay them if they go for a claim.

Content Insurance – This covers all the contents or stuffs present in your property like furniture, antique items, paintings, carpets and the like.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Landlord Insurance
If you are the owner of a property and wish to apply for insurance, you must consider certain factors when opting for a cover. These factors include:
-Type Of Tenant – The type of tenants you have rented your property can affect the policy’s premium.
-No Claims Bonus – If you have a property which has been insured for sometime without any claims, most insurers will provide a discount for it.
-Area Of The Property – The area where your property is located will affect the policy’s premium. If the property is located in the heart of the city, the premium rate is high. When buying a property it is better to buy in a less risky area.
-Excess – This is the amount which would affect the claim. By availing extra voluntary excess, it is possible for you to claim discounts on your policy.